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Quick Start

To work efficiently you need to activate a species list of your area. Check here for an index of available lists. If your area is not covered and if you have a complete checklist (synonymized if possible) contact us at greens[at]vegapp.de.

Conceptual Scheme

Content in Vegapp is organized in projects. Data exchange and customization using settings profiles are all on a project basis. A project consists of plot observations, i.e. sample sites with their position, species observations etc.

List of Projects

List of projects

After starting the app you see a projects list where you can add projects (plus symbol) or remove projects (bin symbol). Use a project button to navigate to its content.

List of plot observations

Project page

An individual project page holds a list of plot observations that can be added and removed. To navigate to the content of a plot observation you can use a numbered button. The globe symbol displays a plot position on a map (if coordinates are provided). Use the left button in the navigation bar to turn back to the list of projects.

Plot Observation

Plot observation page

The plot observation page is where the actual data is entered. It is organized in four tabs. One of them holds the plant species with their observed cover or abundance; the others are for ancillary information. Fields for data entry, species lists and abundance scales can all be customized.

To turn back to the list of projects or to the list of plots you can use the blue buttons in the navigation bar.

Settings Profiles

List of profiles

The action bar provides a direct link to a list of available settings profiles or, if you are in a project, to the current profile.

Profile page

Settings profiles can be used to customize the selection of fields for data entry, to set default values or to redefine vegetation layers. There is one default profile that is used as a starting point for new profiles. Profiles can be exported and transferred between devices.