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Data exchange

As a data entry tool Vegapp features several export formats while import is limited to the app’s own Vegapp format (used for lossless backup and project transfer between devices). Use the projects menu to export or load a project to and from file or to share a project via email. Depending on your device there are other wireless options. Exports to external file formats are sometimes compromised by format restrictions so you should double-check the results.

Generic text format

Text format with tab-separated values (TSV) for general use. For example, you can easily import this table format into R or into spreadsheet programs like Excel or Calc.


Used for backup or for lossless project transfers between devices with Vegapp installed. Note that only the file names of photos are saved with a project, not the photos themselves. They must be exported separately.


This function is currently under revision. Veg-X is a future standard exchange format for vegetation data. The xml scheme used is version 2.0.


For use in TurboVeg 2.0 or Juice.