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Abundance scales

As with species lists, an abundance scale lookup table eases data entry and helps to keep the data consistent. A default lookup table comes with the install but custom lookup tables can be imported from tabular text files that can be edited and exchanged between devices. A link in the action bar displays the active abundance scale and links to related functions in the menu.

"Natural" scales are:

Other scales with their authors are:

We are grateful if you provide other scales regularly used in your area.

If you want to import your own scale you can download the original file, edit and re-load it (menu: Lookup > Cover scales > Load from disk). The table consists of a textfile with tabular data of the following format:

"""01""";"""r""";1;Braun-Blanquet (old)
"""01""";"""+""";2;Braun-Blanquet (old)
"""01""";"""1""";3;Braun-Blanquet (old)
"""01""";"""2""";13;Braun-Blanquet (old)
"""01""";"""3""";38;Braun-Blanquet (old)
"""01""";"""4""";68;Braun-Blanquet (old)
"""01""";"""5""";88;Braun-Blanquet (old)

The header line specifies a name for the list of scales (here: Default). The specification of the columns is as follows:

Specification of columns in the file coverscales.csv

ID Unique number of the abundance scale. The default list uses numbers (00 to 11) and scales from Turboveg to ease export and numbers 101 and following for additional scales
Entry Abundance code
Percentage A percentage used for miraculous "transformations" to metric scales. This is implemented to meet corresponding fields in export formats
Name Name of the abundance scale