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Projects consist of one or more plot observations, i.e. sample sites with attached information.

Managing projects

List of projects

In the list of projects on the start screen you can add projects using the plus button. You will be prompted for a project name and for a settings profile to be assigned. Settings profiles can be changed or edited later on.

You can delete a project from the list by tapping on the red bin next to it. Import, export and sharing of projects is done using the menu (Projects > Import, > Export, > Send). More detail is given in the data exchange section.

Editing projects and map view

Project page

An individual project page holds a list of plot observations. Plot observations can be added using the plus-button and removed using the red bin.

You can try to show a map of plot locations by tapping on one of the globe icons on a project page. This should open a map with markers (if there are coordinates stored with the plots and if you have access to the map). Tapping on a marker on the map brings you to the respective plot observation. The map view requires an active internet connection or a cached map (the maps for mobile help shows how to cache maps). The globe icons in the plot list are greyed out if the respective plot has no coordinates.